August 2013 Coco Rocha Fancy Box Subscription

Coco Rocha Fancy Box August 2013


I feel like Coco Rocha’s Fancy Box subscription is the perfect collection of items for a woman looking to treat herself. So far, we have had awesome jewelry, nail polish, lotion, body wash, and now, something to help us get boozed up while being calorie conscious. I love how this subscription box is so demographic specific.

Coco Rocha wine glass August 2013


I don’t think I will ever fill up at the 50 cal mark. What is this, a tasting? I think it is easy to forget that the beverages we consume do actually count towards our overall calorie consumption for the day. There are a couple other versions of this glass, one without a stem and another that says, “Mother’s Helper” with one kid, two kids, three kids and four kids on the lines. I think this would be a great thing to throw in with a baby gift with a note that says, “Your sippy cup for the next 18 years.” I don’t have kids, so I am going to stick with the calorie counter.

Learn more about what Calorie Curee has to offer here.

August Coco Rocha Fancy Box shirt


Here is the lady of the hour. I really wish this shirt wasn’t white. Am I the only one around here who doesn’t wear white clothes? Also, isn’t Conan O’Brien Team Coco?

August Coco Rocha Fancy Box Hair Chalk


If these came to me 15 years ago I would have been thoroughly jazzed about it. Alas, I am not at an age where I would be willing to do things like dye my hair with Kool aid. I think the younger people in my life could have a lot of fun with these.

Coco Rocha Fancy Box Senhoa


These earrings by Senhoa are the highlight of the box. They are absolutely stunning on. The crystal pieces and the chains grab the light in the most amazing way. I love the cut of the big stones; they remind me of angel wings.

This company is amazing. Find out more about it here.

It is always a pleasure to get my Coco Rocha box.

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